Meet Anne Kansiime- Africa’s funniest woman

A simple Google search will introduce you to the world of Kansiime Anne. This petite woman who packs a punch in comedic relief that it leaves your sides sufficiently split. Don’t be fooled by Kansiime Anne, her impish smile hides a very capable businesswoman and theatrical powerhouse that has managed to export Ugandan comedy around the world. Her skits always go viral garnering thousands of views because they’re so relatable.

Anne performing as a child

Anne performing as a child

 It doesn’t matter which part of the globe you come from, you simply ‘can’t mess with Kansiime’; it always ends in belly aching laughter. This writer, producer, stand-up comic and performer will leave you in stitches: holding your sides, wiping your eyes, and asking for more.

A scene from one of Anne's acts

A scene from one of Anne’s acts

A Mukiga woman from the deep rolling hills of Kabale in Western Uganda, ‘Kansiime Anne’ as she presents herself spotlights everything from university strikes to parenting, dating to marriage, Valentines Day and being a co-wife;  she is a crazy mechanic, safety-obsessed ‘boda-boda’ (motorbike-taxi driver), a jealous girlfriend practicing ‘kunga-fua’ and sleepy student with ingenious ways of ducking phone calls among the many characters she takes on with bodacious humor. Her repertoire is directly inspired by everyday events.

Unscripted and often weaving in and out of Luganda, Acholi and Buchiga (languages of central, northern and southern Uganda respectively), she presents her locality within a universal context.

On the cover of StarQt Magazine

On the cover of StarQt Magazine

Like all talented comedians before her with a good understanding of their role in a healthy society, she speaks to underlying social issues – migration of the rural poor to the cities, con-men and uneducated politicians – within a lighthearted context that gets you thinking without realizing it.  Some of her skits are pointed: the lazy university student who starts a strike to avoid a paper she did not prepare or as a future wedding guest expecting to contribute straws who, after eyeing the lavish line items of the less-than-wealthy couple’s ceremony, retracts her own invitation with a, “Its ok, don’t invite me. I’ll just pray for you”.  In a society where student strikes and extravagant nuptials are common, these will ring a bell and strike a chord (not always comfortable) for those in the know.

But with 100,000 video views and counting, Kansiime Anne is definitely far from uncomfortable in her power to tap funny bones and break glass ceilings.

Kansiime has become a darling of the media winning numerous awards for funny antics.

Anne at an award ceremony recently

Anne at an award ceremony recently

Find an early interview here and perhaps you can then later visit her official site here

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