Swedish Midsummer Celebrations

Flower Wreath

Flower WreathAn easy put together decoration made of flowers for everyone to wear on their head.

Indications of celebrating Midsummer has been found back to as far as the iron age. Although the traditions of it been constantly changing by time and current state of the population. Reasons for celebrating Midsummer for Swedes today is because it’s the day with the most sun hours of the year and in some of the northern parts of our tall country the sun never goes down. This is also an excuse to get together not only with your family but with everyone in your community.

As with all traditions the events of the Midsummer evening has grown through the years and today’s festivity recognizes through a few every year practiced events. These are the events you don’t want to miss out on if celebrating a typical Swedish Midsummer’s eve.



The Maypole – Midsommar Stång

The centre and meeting point of the festival. A pole dressed in flowers is risen usually in several parts of every village. The one closest to your current location is where you meet up at and dance. During daytime every age is welcome and many kids enjoy the different dances where everyone dances in a ring. Later when most adults had their fair amount of alcohol and the kids gone to bed this is the place to dance in pairs and perhaps meet your love interest.


To many, Swedes are known as the quiet antisocial people and when it is festivity we need something to bring us out of our shells. That is where the alcohol comes in and a Midsummer party is nothing without it’s Nubbe. A shot of 40% or more alcohol flavored with herbs and spices brings everyone in the mood for putting their pride aside and make the most out of the evening.


Pickled Herring Table – Sillbord

But what is a Nubbe without it’s Herring? They are a couple best enjoyed together. This majestic table comprises mostly out of various kinds of pickled herring, some salmon and lots of freshly harvested potatoes.

Midsummer Flowers

7 Flowers – It´s said that if you pick seven variants of flowers and put them underneath your pillow this evening you will dream about your future love. Worth a try right?

Illustrations: Marie Flood



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