Moroccan Argo: How to smuggle drugs in the 1970s…

Hundreds of filmmakers and aspiring cineasts have wandered in the streets of Morocco for inspiration, looking somewhere for a muse.

Some have found one that has made Morocco’s reputation a bit more funky than you’d expect. Morocco is one of the biggest producers of Hashish (Cannabis, yaani) and by such, has been crowned favourite destination for many people in the 1970s.


Some have even played an “Argo” plot just to smuggle the precious goods outside of the country, into the United States. That’s where “Medina” comes along.

The film, experimental, in low quality, without much of a plot WAS the plot itself.

The Los Angeles Times has conducted an interview with Scott Stevenson, a former drug smuggler in the 1970s about the crazy entreprise he and his friends have managed to pull off.

But the Downey native remembers the fun of it too, when he was a hippie teenager flirting with pretty girls in the belly-dancing bars of Fez and cruising the crowded streets of the Moroccan city in a Mercedes-Benz.

Scott Stevenson and his “crew” decided to produce a short-film in our very own Morocco, in the northern Rif (capital to the biggest cannabis plantations) with the help of Scott Bartlett, unaware of what the true scheme was.

The story itself is unbelievable, but the 1970s were really a time of extravagance.

Scott Stevenson in Ketama, Morocco, in 1973, purportedly wrapping hashish in plastic to prepare it for transportation. (Erika Linn) – found in the Los Angeles Times.

Read the rest of the unbelievable story here – but don’t let it give you any ideas…


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