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Morocco is filled with art, culture and an active youth willing to make it bigger and better every day. As many artistic initiatives spring out in all cities of Morocco, such as Rabat’s cinema nights, Marrakech’s best electro music events, or collaborative gallery openings, one 100 % Moroccan website makes it its duty to report, classify, discover and meet all the up-and-coming artists and culture advocates the country has to give. An initiative Cult is definitely happy to share: !

Art is thick!

The website is definitely famous amongst the young generation happy to keep in touch with all that’s new and all that’s to be reckoned with in the fields of cinema, music, and arts. It broadcasts and publishes original content by a large number of editors and correspondents (just like Cult!) for the whole Morocco to see!

But Artisithick is not the only go-to website for musical and artistic news. The finest Moroccan musical critics have gathered on the one and only “webzine” keeping you in track of all the awesome new albums, tracks, and tours of artists either Moroccan or international. (literally “the tape” in “moroccanized” French) is truly a goldmine of discoveries and witty discussions on new artists, blooming musicians and fresh new albums!



The final website and probably one of the fastest-growing and interesting initiatives on the web these days is Onorient.


Although open to all Arab culture(s), Onorient was created by a group of young Moroccans hoping to create a fair account of the Arab world’s vibrant culture and its urban culture post-Arab Spring. The creators have launched the #onorientour, a voyage of discovery through 7 countries of the Arab World for a direct immersion in urban culture.


The journey, “rihla” as used in arabic refers to a trip, but also an existential journey in discovering one’s self and the others. A beautiful project that needs to be discovered, and supported, right here!

Happy Moroccan web-surfing!

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I was raised in the dazzling sun of Marrakech in Morocco, and if it probably shows on my skin, it quite genuinely illuminated my perception of things. I can't say I am of those who think outside the box, there was never ...

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