The Preferred Beer Brands around the World

Drinking a cold beer is a popular activity around the globe. Beer after all is the most consumed alcoholic drink on earth and the third most consumed beverage in the world, after water and tea.

But which beers are the most popular ones in which parts of the world?

The traveling beerfans at came up with the brilliant answer to that question by creating a “World Beer Map” that features over 80 lager beers from around the world.

Not all the choices are without controversy, however — more than a few German beer-ophiles won’t be too pleased that Germany is represented by Oettinger, an infamous low-budget beer.

For an extra beer boost therefore we added another ‘alternative beer map of the world’. That one depicts the Germans as Becks drinkers, substitutes Molson Canadian for Labatt Blue in Canada and Fosters for VB Down Under. Another noticeable difference is Kazkhstan where (on the second map) they seem to drink Efes instead of a to us unknown local brand in the first one.

Up to you to decide which one depicts the world’s preferred flavour for lager beer around the world best. Leave your comments below…..

They are however fun maps of the world that are sure to increase your thirst for travel !!

large world beer map

Beer map of the world (Click to enlarge)


Alternative beer map of the world

Alternative beer map of the world

Have a detailed look per continent in the following maps and see if you can find some more beer differences.


Asian Beer Map

africa world beer map

African & Middle Eastern Beer Map


North- and South American Beer Map


European beer map


  1. That’s very interesting that Kazakhstan is marked with Efes and Tyan-Shan beers when majority of those whom I know prefer Hoegaarden, Heineken, Carlsberg and that kind of stuff 🙂

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