Nails & thread portrait as a present for Timberlake

19-years old Ukrainian artist Zenyk Palagniuk made a present for Justin Timberlake. He wrapped 24 km of thread around 13000 nails to create a portrait of his idol. The present was dedicated to the birth of Timberlake’s son on April 10.
“As a fan, I was inspired with the idea that I can do something pleasant with my hands on the occasion of the birth of his son Silas”, young artist said.
It took about 200 hours (two and a half months) to create a portrait. Whole process from sketching to complete image was filmed and edited by Vova Zagranovsky, Zenyk’s friend. Video was posted on youtube once the artwork was completed. It went viral and got 200000 views on youtube plus 150000 in VK (Russian social network) in two days.

Timberlake’s portrait is now preserved in Chortkiv Pedagogical College in Ternopil Oblast. Zenyk is studying nearby in the Kosiv College of Applied and Decorative Art. He hoped Timberlake would see his creation and according to the youtube comments he did.

“I can’t express my mood in words. Shortly, dream more!”, Palagniuk posted on his VK page. And he dreams to present the portrait personally to Justin. Let’s wish his dream to come true!

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