Oh Morocco, and the places you’ll go

Morocco plays it well. It’s hiding the gems of nature present within its grounds, just to better discover it on your own. Element of suprise, or surprised by all the elements? It’s all up to you. Meanwhile, add those gorgeous destinations to all your bucket lists – all of them – because who’d want to miss all this beauty?

The Todgha Valley

At the gate of the Great Atlas, some places just know who to greet you with challenges. Bear in mind some of these cliffs have never been climbed… Are you up for it?



Endless waves of sand, for as far as the eye can see and the beautiful feeling of being part of somewhat of an infinity. The gates of the Sahara are wide open, through Morocco. Hop on a 4×4, pack up your tents, and experience the most beautiful starry night you could even find.


Paradise Valley

And then wash away all your worries, all your sores and all your pain in Morocco’s little taste of Paradise, just outside Agadir. A beautiful mix up of valleys, waterfalls, mountains and baby blue water to swim in will make you feel you’re in Eden for the day.

Ait Ben Haddou

You probably recognize here Mereen, that city from Game of Thrones. You might know many of the realms of the show were shot in Morocco, between Ait Ben Haddou and Essaouira (Astaport).

But that’s not why it is important. Ait Ben Haddou is one of the most elaborate villages, almost a kingdom of its own right, it will transport you to the earliest times of Moroccan history, walk you through a civilization of thousands of years, and leave you out of breath. One must go… even when winter is coming…


As north as one can go, some places never fail to mezmerize. Achkour is one of them. A sense of serenity, the constant sound of the water falling, the feeling of being complete. All in the waterfalls next to the blue city of Chefchaouen – that we came across before!

Bin el Ouidane

Perhaps this one cheats a little. The artificial dam creating the most beautiful lakes of Morocco will have me damned. Bin el Ouidane is by far one of the most gorgeous places in Morocco, for a family, couple, or lonestar retreat. The bungalows, chalets and little charming hotels will provide you with all that luxury can give, and all that the joys of lakes can provide. By far, a necessary stop whenever in Morocco.


Far from the crowds of the cities, away from the cars, the bars, the music, the food, the streets, Morocco’s natural landscape is one of absolute diversity, beauty and challenges only awaiting you.


Oh, in Morocco, the places you’ll go…



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