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The soul of the Caribbean has been set ablaze with history being made by the West Indies cricket teams. All three teams; the Under 19, Women’s and Men’s teams were able to claim victories in the Under 19 Cricket World Cup, Women’s T-20 Championship and Men’s T-20 Championship respectively. The victories were celebrated in true West Indian Style.

Note: The Caribbean is also called the West Indies and I use Caribbean and West Indies interchangeably in this post.

Though West Indians may all look alike to outsiders, who may be unable to decipher one accent from the next, West Indians are actually staunchly nationalists. We take pride in our respective countries unique accents, foods, cultural celebrations and topography; and have an issue when we are all thought to be Jamaicans. However, despite this nationalism, when West Indies leave the comfort of the Caribbean, we cleave to each other by drawing on our similarities rather than our differences, and cricket is one such similarity.

The wins garnered by our cricket teams made us ONE. The divide which exists between us and among us was sealed, (though temporarily),as everyone was West Indian, not Trinidadian, Saint Lucian, Grenadian, Indian or Black, Muslim or Christian etc. The reaction of the entire region to these victories serve as lessons to be learnt for us as Caribbean people, that TOGETHER, we can achieve ANYTHING.



In Saint Lucia, Darren Sammy, Captain of the West Indies team and Johnson Charles, returned home to a hero’s welcome at the Hewanorra International Airport, where they were greeted by Prime Minister Dr Kenny Anthony and other St Lucians.



The Prime Minsiter also announced that Saint Lucia’s premier cricketing grounds will now be known as the “Darren Sammy National Cricket stadium”. Darren Sammy has the hounour of being the only captain of the West Indies team who has won World T20 three times. Johnson Charles was also honoured by having one of the stands in the facility named after him.


Cricket makes us all realise that we are WEST INDIANS, we are ONE.

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