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You have not taste food until you have tried the most delicious, mouth-watering, appetizing, spicy and palatable Guyanese cuisine.

Curry Chicken

Coming from the Indian influences on Guyanese cuisine, curry is use by all ethnic groups across the nation. This dish is made of curry powder, chicken, potatoes, masala, geera, hot peppers, garlic and onions.



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Cook-Up Rice

Cook-up Rice is a dish that is traditionally served on New Years Eve but generally eaten at any time. It is made of rice, peas or beans, chicken/beef, peppers, coconut milk, spices and herbs and serve with garden salad.


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The Pepperpot

This is an indigenous meal. It is also Guyana’s national dish: served on Christmas morning as breakfast and eaten however one chooses; whether bread or rice.  Made of hot peppers, beef/pork, salt, casareep (a thick brown sauce made from cassava root), gloves and cinnamon spice. This pot is reheated and eaten on several days because the casareep preserves the meat.


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Chowmein (The stir fry noodle)

Chowmein! “How is this Guyanese food”? You might want to ask. As mentioned  before, Guyana is a land of six races. Chinese is one of them. Combine chicken, soy sauce, garlic, sweet peppers, and a mixture vegetables and chowmein.


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The food is as diverse as our people. Whenever you visit Guyana, always remember to walk with your appetite.

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