Piadina with Porchetta

Piadina, most popular and loved street food in San Marino and surroundings

Something you have absolutely to try (and that your local friend will not fail to make you try for any reason on Earth) when you find yourself in San Marino or in the close surroundings, it is a special regional recipe flat bread called Piadina (Piadina ‘Romagnola’ as to indicate its Romagna region area origins).
As a non flavoured flat bread, technically can go with pretty much everything, but some are more popular than others like: ‘Crudo, Stracchino (or Squacquerone) e rucola’ – this is a 3 ingredients one. Stracchino is a soft semi-spreadable cheese as well typical in the area, crudo (literally raw) stands for prosciutto crudo (literally raw), Italian ham (wordly known as Parma ham) and then comes Rucola (rocket), widely loved among Sammarinese people and the surrounding Italian region.

anche nella piadina ci può essere arte

Than we have ‘piada salsiccia e cipolla’, salsiccia is the typical Italian pork sausage and cipolla is simply fried or grilled onion, a foodie marriage hardly beaten by any food although so simple, if you ask local people 😉 .

Salsiccia + cipolla + piadina

As third example, to make everyone happy, I will take the unbeaten sweet variation, which is Piadina with Nutella. As frequent traveller I know Nutella is worldwide known so I don’t need to explain, just need to make you imagine it in a generous amount inside a warm fragrant Piadina.

Plain Piadina it is made with white flour, lard (or often nowadays with extra virgin olive oil, as it results lighter and less fatty), salt and water. Can be thicker or thinner depending on the maker’s traditions and habit as well as area of the region.

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You should also know that lately, with the regulation 1174 of 24 October 2014, published on 4 November 2014 in the Official Journal of the European Union it was registered as Protected Geographical Indication as piadina romagnola. The PGI certification is the result of over ten years of battles of the Consortium for the protection and promotion of the piadina, founded by fourteen producers representing the entire territory concerned, a great victory for the genuine producers and all the local Piadina’s lovers wishing to protect its origins.

If you are a foreigner and want to impress a local, try to say something like : ‘pièda sè parsòt’ (area’s dialect form for Piadina with Parma ham), they will go crazy as couldn’t believe to hear that from a foreignert and you will have already conquered their sympathy! 😉




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