Province #1: Kampot

There are 25 provinces and cities in Cambodia. Four of them are by the coast, or border the Gulf of Thailand: Sihanouk Ville, Kep, Kampot and Koh Kong. Each province has its own natural beauty.

Are you a seafood lover?


Then, we recommend Kampot province! You can find the best seafood ever there. To get there, you have to drive on National Road 3 , and it takes approximately 3 hours (147 kilometers from Phnom Penh, the capital city). This seems like a long time for the distance, but it takes a while to get through the traffic in Phnom Penh.

You can enjoy super fresh, sweet seafood in every season – rainy or dry. Not only is seafood recommended, but fruits also. Kampot is a big supplier of seafood and fruits in Cambodia.


In addition there are so many resorts like Bokor mountain, Nataya resort, Kompong Trach, etc. If you are thinking of a road trip, Kampot should be on your list.

The Emblem

Every province has an emblem and for Kampot, it is Durian. Yes, durian the fruit! It has the best durians in the country.

P.C.- Nadia Barmada

P.C.- Nadia Barmada


Thansur Bokor (P.C. - Meng Kimlong)

Thansur Bokor (P.C. – Meng Kimlong)

There are several waterfalls in Kampot, and the one shown in the picture was taken at Thansur Bokor, directly translated as Bokor Paradise, located at the top of Bokor mountain.

Author: Chanbopha Ly

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