Spud: the SA success novel

Spud is a 2005 novel by South African born author John van de Ruit. Set in South Africa 1990 the book unfolds in the format of a diary.
It follows the life of John ‘Spud’ Milton , who begins his journey at an all boys, private boarding school. Coming from a deranged family, he tries his best to adapt to his new environment while juggling his relationship with his girlfriend, Mermaid and being part of The Crazy Eight – the name given to himself and 7 other dormitory mates.

The Madness Continues

The Madness Continues

Spud – The Madness Continues

the second installment in the series, details the second year of Spuds experience at boarding school where his grandmother finances a trip to England. Among dealing with family drama, women trouble and landing a role in the house play Spud continues to climb the ladder to manhood suffering many embarrassing moments along the way.

Learning to Fly

Learning to Fly

Spud – Learning to fly

Spud Milton turns 16, it is his third at boarding school and he continues to battle the war of adolescence. Facing a drastic change in South Africa, Spud’s life mimics these metaphorical obstacles. His nemesis moves into his dormitory, he constantly challenges his beliefs and mind power along with the general over-bearing emotions that come with being a teenager.

Exit, Pursued by a Bear

Exit, Pursued by a Bear

Spud – Exit, Pursued by a Bear

The fourth and final installment in the Spud franchise. Spud returns to boarding school as a Matriculant and prepares for his last year at school. He finds himself directing the house play and is challenged by difficult actors and one of his greatest concerns – finding a partner for the Matric dance (prom)

The books received commercial success in and around South Africa which lead to it being adapted into a feature film in 2010. View the Spud Trailer below:

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