Saint Lucia Carnival

Saint Lucia recently concluded its carnival festivities on 21 July. The music, the costumes, the parties and the two-day parade are all intoxicating which leave revellers yearning for more each and every year.

Carnival however, is not unique to Saint Lucia. It is actually celebrated in many countries around the world which includes the Caribbean.

Carnival has its origins in the Catholic nations of Europe, where just before the Lenten season people wear elaborate masks and costumes while partaking in a public parade.


The Lenten season typically occurs in February which is the six weeks directly before Easter, and is marked by fasting and other pious practices. People also refrain from partying during this season.

Saint Lucia however, no longer observes carnival in February.

Carnival in Saint Lucia has morphed over the years, which has been the cause of much debate and grumblings. But what is not debateable are the diehard revellers who look forward to this festive season each year.


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