Saint Lucian Childhood Pastimes and Games

Saint Lucian children are very innovative at finding ways to entertain themselves. Growing up, the outdoors were our playground and ultimate source of entertainment;we climbed trees, bathed in rivers and the sea, built forts etc. But there are some childhood games which have survived for generations which most children have played.

The origin of most childhood games are unknown to those who play them and are taken for granted that they simply form part of the fabric of what is means to be Saint Lucian.

1.Chiney Skip or known to others as Chinese Jump Rope is a game played widely by infant and primary aged girls. This game can get very competitive among girls who continually try to outdo each other, desirous of being named the supreme Chiney Skip jumper.

chiney skip

chiney skip 2

2. Jacks This game is widely known globally. Most times jacks are simply played using stones as opposed to the modern version of using a rubber ball and fancy jack tacks.Learn to Play jacks


3.Ring Games There are a host of ring games played predominantly by girls such as “There’s Brown Girl in the Ring“, “Ring a Ring of Roses“, “Pink Girls are Pickey Doo


4. Hopscotch This is played with either drawing with chalk on the ground or by etching the squares into the dirt. It is a very unisex game. Learn The Rules of Hopscotch

hop scotch

5. Marbles are traditionally played by boys and is known the world over.Learn How to Play Marbles


6. Sec as it’s traditionally known or Hoop Rolling as it is known outside of Saint Lucia. Again, this game is more traditionally a boys game. Sec can become very competitive as boys race, trying to outdo each other.

hoop rolling

7. Cabouweh A cabouweh (pronounced cah-boo-way) is a miniature truck. Boys usually construct them from discarded items found around the house or neighbourhood. Sometimes they get into fierce competitions with each other as to who can make the best one or occasionally race their cabouwehs.

jounen kweyol truck

What were the childhood games that you played?

What do you think?

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