Kayo: Saint Lucia’s Rap Super Star

When people think of Caribbean music they think solely of Calypso music and steel pan. Though this stereotypical view bears some truth, it is not however all that you will hear when you visit. Given the proximity to the United States as well as being a former British colony the genre of music Saint Lucians listen to is therefore varied.

Rap/Hip Hop music is very prevalent among the St. Lucian youth and one of our sons of the soil has risen to prominence internationally because of it; Filbert “Kayo” Salton. I can describe him as a lyrical genius who at times can be gritty, as well as upbeat, but all the while possessing a deep reflective nature to his sound. I am addicted.

Kayo and snoop

Read a little about him from the Saint Lucian magazine, Dazzle below

Dazzle Magazine- Kayo Interview

Kayo performing

Have a listen.

What do you think?

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