Nina Compton is Saint Lucia’s Top Chef

Being the daughter of Saint Lucia’s first Premier and first Prime Minister; Sir John Compton; one would think that Nina Compton would keep her father’s political legacy alive by following in his footsteps. However, this daughter of the soil has forged her own way forward in life, in a career quite distinct from that of her father’s.

Nina Compton has stated that her career as a chef has its origin in her mother’s kitchen, She later went on to study professionally at the Culinary Institute of Hyde Park, New York. She is trained in Italian, French and of course Caribbean cuisine.

Nina cooking

Nina had the opportunity to appear as a contestant on the renowned Bravo show, Top Chef. She was afforded this once in a lifetime opportunity during her tenure as executive chef at Scarpetta restaurant, located at the Fontainbleu Miami, which is owned by celebrity chef Scott Conant.

Nina Bravo Profile

Nina had a very good run during her time on Top Chef. She made it all the way to the finale in the top two. Though she did not win the overall competition, she did however win the hearts of Saint Lucians and fans far and wide making Saint Lucians extremely proud of not only her exceptional cooking skills but also of her deportment on the show.

nina fan fav

Since the show, Nina has now moved on to another exciting phase in her life and career. She now calls New Orleans Louisiana home, where she has opened up her own restaurant, Compere Lapin. Compere Lapin (kom-pare-la pan) is French or creole for “brother rabbit” Compere Lapin appears in traditional Caribbean and Creole folktales causing mischief everywhere he goes.

The restaurant was scheduled to open 2 June 2015.

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