Colorizing concrete: meet São Paulo street artists

As you walk around Sao Paulo, it doesn’t matter whether you’re in a poor or rich neighborhood, you will see graffiti. It may vary in size or style, but as long as there is a wall – and sometimes even a free patch of asphalt – there will be street art.

What used to be a gray, concrete city has now turned into a big for talented street artists. What was seen with disapproval and frequently covered up has now become a form of art, whose value is acknowledged and supported by the local government. This year, a 15.000 m² graffiti mural was created, painted along one of the main avenues of the city. The graffiti wall (in the video bellow) has 5,4 km of length, and more than 200 street artists joined the project, financed by the local prefecture.

Meet the artists

The video above is a small sample of street art you can see in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and other big Brazilian cities. As street art gains recognition, names such as OsGêmeos and Kobra are popping up in many cities worldwide. So check out a little bit of the most talented Brazilian street artists – boys and girls who have spread out theirs fascinating art through the world streets – and, for more information and photos, visit theirs blogs and get inspired!


Literally “The Twins”, Otavio and Augusto Pandolfo are probably the most renowned street artists in Brazil and worldwide.  Besides São Paulo, it is possible to find OsGemeos unique yellow and intense characters in the most unexpected places, such as in giant silos in Vancouver, on a biketaxi in Havana and in the Kelburn Castle, in Scotland.





Eduardo Kobra is known for his huge realistic paintings, normally overlaid by geometric colorful patterns. When you see a Kobra artwork on the street, it is impossible not to identify it right away. You can find his powerful graffiti in cities like Athens, London and New York, but São Paulo has got the best ones.




Magrela (“skinny”) is an artist that often depicts women characters in sensitive and incredibly expressive ways. She has a quite unique trace, which provides a beautiful melancholy to her artworks. It is possible to find her murals all over São Paulo, but also in Rio de Janeiro, Portugal and London.




Also known as Paulo Cesar Silva, Speto’s street art resembles woodcut technique, with black and white as the main feature. It is strongly influenced by afro-Brazilian culture and style, and you can find his murals in more than 15 cities around the world.




Nina has a delicate style in her murals, depicting dolls with huge eyes in most of them. Nina joined OsGemeos in the Kelburn Castle project, in Scotland, and you can find her works all over São Paulo. Other than castles and streets, it is possible to find Nina’s art in the fashion world: her iconic dolls are now printed in Fendi bags.




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