Sar Mountain speaks a language understood only by those who approach it with respect. 

Sar Mountain (ŠŠar planina/ancient name Scardus) is a mountain range that extends along the borders between Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania. It covers roughly 1,600 kilometers (994 miles) and its highest point is Titov Vrv at 2,747m (9,012 ft). The name means a colorful mountain with areas covered with snow all year round. It is less known as a commercial tourist attraction, but explorers put her in the same category with Sierra Nevada (Spain).

During the winter season all the action is on the two ski resorts, from both sides of the mountain, in Macedonia Popova Sapka with its highest peak on 2525m; and in Kosovo Brezovica (XK) at 2524m its highest point.

via karas4training

Backountry skiing, via karas4training

Every season the slopes are packed with powder snow and are extreme in every sense, from backcountry, off-piste, couloirs trails and touring. Both resorts are easily reachable by car from the city capital Skopje in distance of 51km to Sapka resort and 64km to Brezovica. They are established sixty years ago and not many improvements are made since then. At the moment, the development is in slow phase. However, the potential is huge and if they become connected with chairlifts it will be the largest ski centre in Europe. 

Freeride videos …enjoy !

Popova Sapka by Dragan Ancevski 

Brezovica by NNELE71

Brezovica by Jovan Jovanovski

Brezovica by Svetislav Teofilski

Popova Sapka by Aleksandar Zarapciev 

Brezovica heading Shtrpce by Nol Turjaka

Within the last years, the mountain is becoming very popular among action sports media companies and it is visited by free-riders, adrenalin addicted and free minded people. The possibilities are endless, the freedom is wide and the snow is good. However, it is not recommended for beginners or individuals to go off piste without a guide or a local rider.

Typical winter season day ….for those who like it fresh!

by Maja Muhic

Metodij Chilimanov a tour guide on Popova Sapka… picture taken by Maja Muhic. More info on alternative tourism it can be found on 

by Katarina Chapora

Jumper  Erik Roner (from Teton Gravity Research) on Popova Sapka..picture taken by Katarina Chapora

The king of the massive

Another characteristic of this region is the Macedonian shepherd dog  Sharplaninec.  A legend keeper and protector of the sheep herds and villages from wild animals and enemies.

Sharplaninec via

  A dog with immense courage, intelligence, instinct and devotion..via


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