Slava Frolova: How to organise an Art-Picnic for 2 million people?

Have you heard about the person who leased 100 acres of the city land at own expenses to organise a FREE art-picnic for 2 million people? Well, there is one in Ukraine. And she is not crazy. She is inspirational and energetic woman fulfilling the wish to develop Ukrainian culture and to create a better future to her kids.

Photo Credit: Anton Tkachenko, JFStar magazine

Photo Credit: Anton Tkachenko, JFStar magazine

“I want you to believe in yourself, in us, in our country, in our future”, comments Slava Frolova. “That’s why I signed the leasing agreement with VDNKh (exhibition centre) without any sponsors and financial support. I open a door to everyone who loves life, who loves art and culture, who loves the world, people, children, sport, nature, who loves our country, who simply got tired and wish to have a rest, who doesn’t know what to do, who wants to get new experience and knowledge, new friends and acquaintances, who wants to be helpful and needed. I open Slava Frolova’s Art-Picnic for your and my kids, for all of us – for free.”

Slava Frolova is a journalist and producer, a judge for Ukraine’s “Got Talent” show. In 2012 she established a Fund for Young Ukrainian Art Development and Support that promotes young Ukrainian artists, organises exhibitions and cultural events. In 2013 she organised the 1st season of an Art-Picnic at her own expenses as a present to a country and people.

Photo Credit: Vitaliy Grabar

Photo Credit: Vitaliy Grabar

“Working 18 hours each day during the 1st season we presented 317 Ukrainian painters (1125 paintings), delivered 2754 workshops, arranged about 100 concerts featured 150 Ukrainian musicians, showed 200 movies, flight in hot air balloons and watched plays,” – summarises Slava.
“We managed to achieve excellent social results and meaningful feedback. In a month since the project was launched the guests started creating an Art-Picnic. They were offering help and participation understanding how many efforts and energy were put to build up this unique space.”

Art-Picnic is open 5 months from June to October. Each day has unique program with 20 workshops and events for people of all ages plus basic program for 5000 people. It covers 16 directions: kids, art, sport, handmade, theatre, cinema, music, interesting meetings, cooking, ecology, education, literature, good deed, festivals, gold age and international.

“It’s an opportunity to try what we don’t do in usual life”, guests share impressions.

2 millions of people visited Slava Frolova’s Art-Picnic in 2014. The money to organise 2nd season was raised through Ukrainian crowdfunding biggggidea, social networks and sponsored by food courts, entrepreneurs. More than 1000 of volunteers were helping in hosting an event.

“I was impressed with the responsiveness and readiness to become a volunteer among people who have high positions in the society,” says Slava.
“Members of the Fund for Young Ukrainian Art Development and Support are the skeleton of the project. A lot of volunteers join us seasonally. They are my inspiration and guideline – those who are ready to make the world we are living in better disregarding anything. My goal is to support, develop this wish and to create a background where it can grow and become stronger.”

Art-Picnic was born in the heart of one person and became the most ambitious cultural and educational project in Ukraine. On June 6th Slava Frolova’s Art-Picnic opened 3rd season in Kiev. Recently it received government support and would be launched in other cities of Ukraine such as Odessa and Rivne.

“The mood is to live. And to live good.”

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