Sound of Mauritius – Episode 1

Welcome to Episode 1 of colorful rhythm and sound, genuinely Made in Mauritius!!!

Through those episodes, you will discover the different and most popular music played in Mauritian houses, picnic buses or beaches.

The first one on the list is of course the Mauritian Sega. The origins of the Mauritian Sega was the unique creation of sounds, traditional musical instruments, dance and language used by the slaves from Africa and Malagasy during colonization. It was an opportunity for them to vent out and release the miseries and hardship of their sad condition. We are still commemorating their hard times and several segas are about their stories.

Nowadays; the Mauritian Sega is still a moment of releasing stress. But it is more considered as a moment of pure joy and exhilarating sound to listen and dance to.

Alain Ramanisum is one of the most popular sega artist on the island.  And believe me, when his music start playing; you will want to start dancing.

I let you discover one of his song: Sega Manivel.

To continue the making and spread of Mauritian Sega music; he got married to an artist from Reunion Island (our island sister), Laura Beg

The video below is a more visual aspect of how the Mauritian Sega is danced. It is a quite unique dance and trust me, when you see it; you wished you could be there and dance!!!

Tik Tike from Laura Beg

Their personal and professional bonding brought the Mauritian music to a new level. This music will be more qualified as listening music and the video is a pure, mellow and profound delight for the eyes and ears.You will see both of them celebrating their love through that video.

Welcome to the world of Laura and Alain.

Hoping you’ve enjoyed this first episode of Sound of Mauritius, till the next one…

Mauritius wish you to musically enjoy life!!!

What do you think?

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