Souq Alhamidiyah in Old Damascus

Ancient cultures fascinate me as it feels so authentic, and Damascus (commonly called Alsham) is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, which mean that living there is as living in a gigantic museum!

Souq Alhamidiyah, located in the old part of Alsham and is the oldest and largest market for the wholesale and retail trading.
They sell literally all types of goods, can’t guarantee the quality for some of the products though, but if you are looking for an acceptable quality in a cheap price Alhamidiyah is your destination.
Souq Alhamidiyah is like a huge maze, once you get in, you need to find your way out! Because it is a big and wide market which is connected all together through alleys, sometimes you will find a very small alley inside an alley which might take you to a different area or might be a dead-end. Therefore I guarantee while you are trying to find your way out, you will have fun enjoying the market and discovering the area.
Typically, the shops that sells the same type of products, group together to become small markets under one big market, so when you take the walk through Alhamidiyah, you will find yourself passing through: the gold souq, the fabric souq, the toys souq, the spices souq, … ect,



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