South African Film Industry

South Africa has an ever-growing film industry, especially around the south/western cape areas. Many local and international films are shot all year round whether it’s on location or at the Cape Town Film Studios.

The Cape Town Film Studios (CTFS) are comprised of four sound stages, workshop buildings and fully equipped production offices

Sound Stage alongside Production Office

Sound Stage alongside Production Office (credit:



State-of-the-art Make up Rooms

State-of-the-art Make up Rooms at the CTFS (credit:

To learn more about the Cape Town Film Studios click here

Many Hollywood executives choose South Africa not only because of the Rand-Dollar exchange-rates, but also factoring in Casting, Crew & Location varieties and costs.

For instance, South Africa has such an array of cultures that it mirrors various ethnicities from all over the world not to mention its world renowned film schools that has many talented graduates every year. The crew are also well experienced in the creative, technical and business aspects of production on feature films and commercials. International television production has also gained recognition in SA with titles such as Homeland 4, Black Sails and Dominion.

September through March is the peak season for commercials due to the long, sunny days of spring/summer in the southern hemisphere whereas films and series are shot consistently throughout the year.

Within the borders of South Africa there is a vast amount of locations including landscapes, architecture and scenery to choose from those being forestry, beaches, deserts, big cities, vineyards, African savannah, mountain ranges, modern suburbs, rural areas and much more.


Local South African Films

The folowing SA films have gained international recognition at film festivals, awards ceremonies and in cinema:


Tsotsi, written and directed by South Africa’s own Gavin Hood follows a week in the life of a young gangster from Soweto. The film won an Oscar for Best foreign language film in 2006. View trailer below:



Jimmy in Pienk, written and directed by Hanneke Schutte is about a corn farmer who seeks financial help from his gay uncle to save his belated father’s farm from bankruptcy. View trailer below:



Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, based on the autobiography by Nelson Mandela, this British-South African film brings to light the struggles and journey faced by the former South African president and revolutionary. View trailer below:




Hollywood Feature films in South Africa

A look at some known titles that you may not know were filmed in South Africa because the story was ‘set’ elsewhere.


Chronicle, the 20th century fox film, set in Seattle, Washington follows three high school students who gain superpowers and struggle to control their ever-evolving strengths. View trailer below:



The Giver, Directed by Philip Noyce, about a young boy from a too perfect community is chosen to learn from an elderly man about the true pain and pleasure of the ‘real’ world. View trailer below:



Mad Max Fury Road, a post apocalyptic film about a man seeking peace of mind after the death of his wife and child, who then crosses paths with a woman trying to get to the other side of the desert. View trailer below:


For more information and a thorough detailed description of the SA film industry please click here

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