Ten interesting facts about Serbia

1. The most famous castle in Serbia, Fantast, was built a hundred years ago by a rich man, Bogdan Dunđerski, who wanted to prove to others that he’s not bankrupt.
Fantast Castle

Fantast Castle

2. In 274 AD, the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, was born in the Serbian city of Niš.
String Quartet 'Alegro' in Niš Fortress

String Quartet ‘Alegro’ in Niš Fortress

3. The only Serbian word used all over the world is “vampire”.

4. Serbia is the largest raspberry exporter worldwide, producing over 30% of the total.


5. Đerdap gorge, which is in fact Europe’s largest gorge, is situated in Serbia.
Sunset at Danube, Serbia

Sunset at Danube, Serbia

6. The Church of Saint Sava, situated in Belgrade, is one of the largest orthodox churches in the world.
Cathedral of Saint Sava, Belgrade by night

Saint Sava Church


7. The town of Sjenica is the coldest populated place in Europe, with the temperature reaching -39 °C.
Village near Sjenica

Village near Sjenica

8. Deliblato sands are the biggest continental sands of Еurope.
Deliblato sands

Deliblato sands

9. Serbian fresco, The White Angel, was the first picture ever sent using a video transmission between North America and Europe.
White Angel, © kosmet1389 https://www.flickr.com/photos/23433459@N05/

White Angel, © kosmet1389

10. Lepenski vir, an archaeological site located in Serbia, was the homeland of the first civilization in Europe who made a sculpture, over 7000 years ago.
Lepenski vir house floor (6300-5500 BC). © Dimitrij Mlekuz https://www.flickr.com/photos/dimitrij/

Lepenski vir house floor (6300-5500 BC). © Dimitrij Mlekuz


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