Ten years of same-sex marriage

Ten years ago, on July 3rd, 2005, same-sex marriage was legally recognized in Spain. This meant that, in addition to marriage rights, homosexual couples could also adopt children. This law made Spain the third country in the world to allow same-sex couples to marry, after Netherlands and Belgium. Although 66% of the population was in support of the law at the time, there were numerous protests from more conservative parts of Spanish society, which were countered with many pro-homosexual marriage demonstrations. Today, Spain is, from what I’ve read here and here, the most homosexuality-accepting country in the world.

This is my first year in Madrid and, for the first time, I had the chance to walk around while the gay pride celebrations took place. I’m not sure if it was bigger than other years because of the fact that it was the tenth anniversary of the legalization of homosexual marriage, but the celebrations were huge. Thousands of people, homosexual and heterosexual, enjoyed the grand days without any altercations. Here are a few photos, some of them from previous years:

  1. I was thinking about writing something similar too, about Cambodia, since the US just legalized gay marriage (10 years behind Spain). I notice there are so many words in English that describe different gender and sexuality, while in Cambodia, we only have one Khmer word for “gay”. Other than that, we just use words to describe, e.g. he likes someone of the same sex.

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