The art of crocheting

The connotation behind crochet can vary – in Finland traditionally it has been seen as an elderly hobby. But now artist Molla Mills, also known as Mari Leppälä who holds a Master of Art from Aalto University, is transforming how people see crocheting.

Mills is quite a badass when it comes to how she started this career of hers. The first logo crochet she did was a logo of the band Slayer. Ever since she has moved on to different designs; starting with the Swedish heavy-metal band Watain and three years later making beer-cases and skateboard bags. Starting from 2013 she has written three crocheting books. Most of these books have been translated to various languages and have been a hit in many countries. The latest book was dedicated to men who wish to learn to crochet. It gained great visibility in media and therefore many men have taken up the new hobby filling stores with new people looking for hooks and yarn.

Her posts on social media are inspiring for anyone wishing to take up the new hobby of crocheting. Her Instagram posts are positive and filled with colour such as this one. The projects she does are inspiring and creative. Not many crochet designs show you how to create a bow tie for a husky or a log basket. Although many of the designs are created for winter, there are also very urban designs that Mills designs, that arguably makes her books so popular. Purses, home compartments or bike baskets are something that are almost universal to any culture.

After the release of the third book Mills took a work-filled designing holiday in India and later worked at New York to gain new ideas for her upcoming work. If all signs are correct, the next crochet designs might be somewhat multicultural and even more functional.

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