The Convent de Sant Francesc and its striking contrasts

A couple of weeks ago, I showed Mihaela’s article about the weirdest building in Bucharest to an architect who is my classmate this year (sorry for “stealing” your idea again, Mihaela!). She showed me photos of a few peculiar buildings in Spain, including the one I’ll very briefly write about now: the Convent de Sant Francesc in Santpedor, Barcelona.

Permission to build this monastery was granted in 1689, and the first monks went to the villa three years later. The monastery itself wasn’t built until the following century, specifically between 1721 and 1729. In 1764, over twenty monks lived there. The building stopped being a monastery in 1835 and later became a school. It was finally demolished in the year 2000 because of its bad state. The church that had been built there was used as such until 1936.

In 2011, architect David Closes was put in charge of transforming the place into a cultural area. The old church, which maintained its dimensions, is an auditorium now. While almost no light came in when the church was built, Closes turned the newly attached auditorium is an extremely luminous place by creating a hyper-modern glass facade. The result is an almost surreal contrasting mix of modern and old architecture that is unique in the world.
Here’s a photo gallery of the place, I hope you like it!

Photo credit goes to Jordi Surroca

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