The fisherman story and the Ohrid trout

Salmo balcanicus is a type of trout in the Salmonidae family. Together with 3 other forms Letnica , Belvica and Struska it represents an outlet of Macedonia, found only in Lake Ohrid. The lake is formed in the Ice Age period with waters so pure that with naked eye one can easily see the bottom (even when it is more than 10 meters).

Studies on human health have found that this fish have the highest effect in improving cholesterol balance.

The Ohrid trout is known as Ohridska Pastrmka. It is a speciality in the Macedonian gastronomy. However, in recent years extensive fishing has driven it to the verge of extinction. For this reason, the law protects the specie and sets strict fishing rules (not obeying the law the punishment can be prison).

The importance of the Ohrid trout in Macedonia is evident by the fact that the fish is depicted on the Macedonian 2 denar coin.


The back of Macedonian 2 denar coin, via

When you visit the lake, my advise is to ask from authorised fishermen’s and not go far beyond, searching for illegal dishes, as a support of its protection.

The fisherman story

Fisherman portrait

..Alongside Ohrid Lake, there are many small beautiful fishermen villages. The lifestyle is in slow tempo living the simple life, cultivating organic gardens and cruising along the lake.

On my last visit, I was a guest in a humble family house with great hearts. The father was a fisherman, a wise man with blue eyes, sunburned skin and always half way smiling. He enjoyed telling stories about the great lake and of course – it’s FISH. What an amazing stories did he had to tell.  Listen to this one:

“… Researchers have found a fish skeleton in Alaska of Salmonidae family… Scientist have confirmed the fact that the fossil origin is coming from the Lake Ohrid, the endemic fish called Pastrmka.”

OK!!…let me picture you where is Alaska…and where Ohrid is!

1 article 2

The distance between, according to Google measurements, is 17587 km.  Let’s say 40 million footsteps (If an average step is 50 cm, in ‘fish steps’ I would multiply it by 2) which is equal to 80 million ‘fish steps’. .aha got it, right! 🙂


The Ohrid lake trout and its mystery are a subject to many scientist and a well kept secret by the local fishermen’s 

The impressions from my last visit still remain in my thoughts and imaginations.

‘Million dollar view’ from the fisherman house.

What do you think?

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