The Helen of the West

Just like (the mythical) Helen of Troy, my island, Saint Lucia, possesses immense natural beauty (of rolling hills, dense forests and beautiful yellow and black sand beaches. And again, like Helen of Troy, two kingdoms went to war over her. Hence, the island is called ‘The Helen of the West.”



From the 17th- 19th century, France and Britain feuded for control of Saint Lucia. Finally, in the 19th century Britain retained control over the island. Despite having been a British colony, the island still retains much of its French heritage in the name of its districts which are all French. Furthermore, the French heritage survives in the language spoken by a majority of Saint Lucians, patois or creole.

St.Lucia districts

Patois,Kweyol or Creole is spoken the world over by former French colonies. Saint Lucians are very proud of this heritage and while walking through the streets of the capital Castries, and especially in the outer districts(countryside) you can hear almost everyone from children to little old ladies to the men at the rum shops conversing in this beautiful language.

Mwen se jan Ste. Lisi ( I am a person of St.Lucia)

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Continent: North America
Capital: Castries
Population: 160,900
Area: 616 km2
Currency: Dollar
Languages: English

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