The La Rose Festival

Every 30 August Saint Lucians in various communities come together to celebrate the La Rose (pronounced LAH- WOZ)Festival. La Rose is literally translated to mean “the rose” in French (remember most of the names for many things Saint Lucian are French).

It’s a festival full of pomp and pageantry which is lead by a king and a queen with their subjects; prince, princesses, doctors, nurses, soldiers; all in tow.

La rose king and queen


In preparation for the festival, there are months of nightly singing practices known as “seances.” A special female singer or chantwelle is chosen by the group and she is responsible for composing all the songs to be sung at the festival.

belle vue la rose group

These songs are to be sung to mock the rival flower, La Magwit(La Margeurite) while praising the La Rose. The singing is done is kweyol or creole and is accompanied by the music of the banjo, violin and other traditional instruments.

Red and pink are the representative colours of the festival

Another cool video giving a great impression about the festival can be found here.


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