The Mauritian Picnic Experience


A beautiful day for a picnic

A beautiful day for a picnic

Are you ready for a unique experience of colors, sensations and flavors?
Then get on board in one of the ‘fancy’ picnic buses of Mauritius and engage in a real thrilling Mauritian Picnic!

The picnic bus

A 60-seated bus is rented but only a max of 40 people will get in as we need space for the food, drinks, musical instruments, beach chairs, umbrellas and sometimes even a BBQ set…everything is packed together. Ready for the adventure of the day. A common lunch (the typical one is ‘briani’- Indian style rice) is ordered to feel connected and share as a great family of 40. And then we hit the road for what is a common happening in the island nation: the Mauritian Picnic

Time is relative

The ETD (Estimated time of departure) of our great picnic is: 8 am.
But the RTD (Real time of departure): 9 am. That one hour is meant to heat the day; most people found their seats, greetings are flowing everywhere, giggles and laughs can be heard from a distance, the ‘boombox‘ is blasting out tunes and we start dancing in the bus. Hence a slight delay before we hit the road before departure…
9 a.m: Engine starts…..vrrroooooommmmmm….

One of a fancy picnic bus

A nou ale picnic (Let’s go for picnic)

Now that we are all in; the bus starts its journey towards a famous or remote beach of the island…the famous Phoenix beer stands out of the cooler box: just perfect to start with. That beer is apparently one of the best (hearing that from tourists coming to visit)…and I do agree as it flows so smoothly accompanied with gajacks (small  Mauritian snacks), not to drink on an empty stomach.

The journey is filled with music; at times from the boombox and other times with people playing traditional sega musical instruments and everybody singing. Some of us dare standing and dancing with effervescence.

Olivier on the ravanne

Olivier on the ravanne

Oh a little pee stop in the middle of nature…as when drinking beer it has to be released somehow. Another fun part of the journey; jokes about being careful about a ‘wild encounter’ in nature!!!!

Destination reached; some are sent to spot the right place to take camp. Others start to unload stuffs from the bus. Kids are excited and already running towards the sea, undressing on the way to jump in that amazing turquoise haven.

Settled, we continue the sharing of gajacks, drinks, and special cocktails prepared the day before. Photo shooting, swimming, games and jokes; all shared with delight and thrill. Loud laughs can be heard as the joker of the group starts telling his jokes.

Again the music is back; bikinis and swimming shorts are out and the bodies move to the music given.

Lunch time; the famous briani is shared. Each one with its plate as in a canteen and jokes flowing around. Accompanied with some local wines or finishing the drinks we already have in hand. As dessert, local fruits of the season ( water melon or pineapple easier to share and so yummy after spicy food!!!)

Mauritian Briani- spiced rice with chicken, beef or mutton.

Some rest time after lunch. Others would play some card games or have a nice stroll on the beach; to discover what’s around.

Tea time

Since we were colonized by the British in our history ; tea time is part of the picnic after rest. Tea with milk or coffee with crepes (our French heritage), pound cake or other pastries.

Going back to sing and dance on the beach. Sega is the tone and sega is the dance that you would hear and dance to.

Time to pack but still in a merry mood as the journey back will be as exciting as the beginning. Music being the STAR of the journey; we will continue sharing our joy of living through sounds, flavors and laughs.

End of the journey; we share a last dance on the road where we will say good-bye to each other till the next picnic.

Belle Mare Beach

Belle Mare Beach

This is the view from our picnic spot

This is the view from our picnic spot

If you wish to experience the Mauritian picnic, get in touch with locals and just ask. You will have one of the most amazing life experience. Welcome to Mauritius!!!

What do you think?

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