The Midnight Groovers Band: 40 years of grooving

It takes a mighty band to stay together more than 40 years, with 38 musical albums!!!! Amazing!!!! The Midnight Groovers band was started by two brothers Marcel and Paul Mark.

Founding members: Paul ‘Chubby’ Mark (right) with his brother Marcel 'Co' Mark (left).

Founding members: Paul ‘Chubby’ Mark (right) with his brother Marcel ‘Co’ Mark (left).

Although over the years various persons have joined and left the band the two brothers have stayed as the backbone of the group (regardless of the many hurdles that could have broken their spirits). The band plays Cadence music described by Wikipedia: “Cadence music is characterized by a constant up tempo rhythm, hence the name cadence. Its percussive aspect come from the drum (in particular, the steady one-beat bass drum), an accentuated use of cymbals and, to a lesser extent, the high hat plus a distinct beat of the cowbell, tok, to-tok, tok-tok-tok, and a conga drum beating a dash of méringue.”

Over the years although many young people are more interested in modern day contemporary music Groovers has never failed to draw a large crowd from all age groups. This may be attributed to the tempo of the music because it’s upbeat and festive. All the songs that the group makes contains a significant message or tells a story about an event.

Listen to an exciting compilation of Groover’s music from various years:

Long Live one of the oldest, most entertaining musical band in Dominica.


  1. Joseph Seth Sabroche says:

    I am trying to hook up with an ex- Grammer school chum of mine from Grandbay who joined Midnight Groovers. I knew him as Barron (second left standing in Midnight Groovers album), forgot his surname. He, I and Nicolas Bruno were buddies. They knew me as Smithy. I would like to get in touch.

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