The National Dance of Saint Lucia, the Quadrille

Popular in the late 18th and 19th centuries in Europe and it’s colonies, the Quadrille was a formal dance performed by four couples in a rectangular formation.

A variation of this dance is found in the certain Caribbean countries, one of which is Saint Lucia.

The Quadrille is the national dance of Saint Lucia. It is still as formal as the European one, but differs from it in a number of ways.

The dress, the Jip(skirt), worn during the dance is a variation of the more formal national dress, the Wob Dwiyet. It consists of a white cotton blouse (chimiz decolté) and an ankle length skirt (jip) trimmed with lace (bodwi angléz) and red ribbon. The skirt’s design includes two gathers to the lower half of the skirt.

The most characteristic feature of this costume however, is the material used to make the short outer skirt and the accompanying headpiece. The material, known as the madras, is named after its place of origin, Madras, India and is believed to have been used daily in earlier times.(http://www.stluciafolk.org/outfits/view/18)



Traditional Head Piece

Men would wear black trousers, white long-sleeved shirt with a bow tie and a sash or either coloured satin or madras with black shoes and socks. (http://www.stluciafolk.org/outfits/view/18)

Quadrille is danced to music which is accompanied by musical instruments such as the cuatro, rattle, chak-chak, violin, banjo and bones (zo,).

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