The old railway National day

The forgotten Old Railway National Day, which took place the 1st of March, was established to restore value to the abandoned railway lines, as well as social principles to the public opinion and the historical memory, in order to protect the historic railway heritage.
The San Marino-Rimini railway was built between 1928 and 1932.
The line built within the Sammarinian territory, included 17 galleries, 4 of which passing through the Mount Titan, and for this reason included in the area listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008.
Gallery in San Marino CityDuring the II World War, and precisely the 26th of June 1944, although neutral, San Marino was bombed and the line was interrupted due to damages to the electrical network.
Last run was made the 11th of July 1944. During the war, the galleries given a refuge to thousands of refugees coming from outside the boarders, looking for salvation in the territory of the small Republic.
For the special occasion, the representatives of the project, after a short ride on the train, fully restored and perfectly operating, delivered as in the past, postal parcels. Afterwards followed the presentation of a project for the partial re-activation of the railway from Borgo Maggiore to San Marino City.

For more information about the San Marino’s old railway go to → http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transport_in_San_Marino#Railway

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