The Republic of San Marino: the oldest Republic in the world. Uh?!

Greetings to everybody!
Since it is the first article about my country, and since it is a place many of you maybe never heard about, I thought was a good idea to give some basic information first.

I like a lot to travel when it is possible, so I’ve been a bit around the world these last years, and I noticed that when it comes the time to explain where I’m from, the easiest way is often to just say Italy although not very true, because San Marino is located actually within the Italian territory but it doesn’t really belong to Italy, and for this reason it is an enclave.
Located let’s say on the north-centre on the east coast right on the Adriatic sea, its territory is extended for about 65 square kilometers, and the population is commonly said to be around 35.000. It has its own flag, anthem, passport, law system etc. etc., so at all effects an autonomous Nation, a microstate.
That said, being in Italy, the culture is obviously related to the beautiful Italian regions where it is placed in, which are Emilia-Romagna and Marche, lands with a great history and traditions, which form partially also San Marino’s traditions and culture, although of course because its independent nature, San Marino also has its own ones.
Around this point, normally comes up the question “so why it is not part of Italy?”.
Well, the independence has very antique origins, in fact San Marino is considered to be the oldest Republic in the world. The official founding date of the Republic is 3 September 301. Yes 301, not 1301.

Did I catch your curiosity? Great. Eventually I’ll talk more in details, but my intention now was just to give you a first hint about this interesting country. Now it’s your turn. Look it up!
And next time you’re planning your next trip to Italy, don’t forget to include a visit to the most serene Republic.





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Continent: Europe
Capital: San Marino
Population: 31,500
Area: 61 km2
Currency: Euro
Languages: Italian

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