The Stone Dolls of Kuklica

Once upon a time, long.. long ago, a village girl was anxiously awaiting her wedding, which was scheduled for the afternoon. Having prepared everything days in advance, the girl wasn’t sure how to fill the morning hours. She’d heard about another wedding in the neighboring village and decided to see the happy couple who were sharing her special day…

Imagine her surprise upon discovering her groom-to-be, marrying another woman! Furious, she interrupted the wedding, and her betrothed sputtered, trying to explain. He loved both women, but for different reasons: one for her beauty and one for her wealth. In the end, he’d decided to marry the uglier, richer woman. The pretty young girl, betrayed, spat out a horrible curse, instantly turning the groom, his new wife, the priest, the wedding guests, and even herself into stone.

“Let God turn all of you into rocks, even me”

In the middle, you can see the groom and bride, flanked by their best man and maid of honour. In front stands the priest, and seated in the gallery are dozens of guests.

Stone Dolls of Kuklica


Monument of Nature - by Стојан Тоше Николовски.

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The stone town, is situated by the Kuklica village in the Kratovo district. According to the sources, the stone figures, that are mentioned by the local population as Dolls, are 10 million years old. There are many legends and myths for their existence, but the most famous is the one, according to which, the stone figures are wedding guests (people), that were cursed by the forsaken bride, and turned into a rocks. There are 120 stone figures, one by another, up to 10 meters high in the area.

That’s the legend, but the scientists do not agree with the legends. According to them, they were formed 10 million years ago, by the tectonic erosion, from a minerals that dissolve in water. Over the years, the nature created master pieces. The local population says that on every 5-6 years a new figures appear.

The facts are booorrr-ing! The towering stones, reaching at least ten meters in height, really do resemble dolls at a wedding, and it’s much more fun to simply believe in the myth.

Even if you don’t appreciate folk stories, the stone towers are still impressive. A couple paths will bring you around and above the formations and provide a view over this strange area. Just off the road to Kratovo, it’s easy to find and doesn’t require more than a half hour to visit.







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