The ten best potato omelettes in Spain

If any of you have been to Spain, you must have tried tortilla de patatas (potato omelette). It’s very typical, it’s delicious and I have to admit that I love it even more than when I was a child, which is saying a lot. There’s only one problem: the one you try in bars is often pre-made and rather bad. You need to try homemade tortilla or go to a bar where they take it seriously. That’s why I’m translating an article I found about the ten best places to eat tortilla in Spain: you can’t just come here and not eat the real thing.

Here it goes!

1-      La Penela (A Coruña)

Address: María Pita, 12 (although you can find it in Madrid too).

Why: thin and crispy potato; golden but solid enough omelette.

2-      La Ardosa (Madrid)

Address: Colón, 13.

Why: Concha Marfil’s care is the key. Thick and balanced omelette.

3-      El Tahití (Logroño)

Address: Laurel, no number.

Why: Irene Ibáñez’s personal way of cooking this dish makes the potatoes stick out from the egg.


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4-      El Manjar (A Coruña)

Address: Alfredo Vicenti, 29

Why: it won the 1999 Potato Omelette Championship in Spain. Yes, there’s a championship. And if this place won, I’m pretty sure their omelette is not bad. Both the potatoes and the omelettes are taken from very specific places. Also, this omelette doesn’t have onion.

5-      Sagartoki (Vitoria)

Address: Prado, 18

Why: Senén González revolutionized the omelette world by freezing the omelette in the process of cooking it. I must admit it sounds quite strange, but if this place reached the list, it must be good!

6-      Kasino (Lesaka, Navarra)

Address: Plaza Zaharra, 23

Why: combination of onion and green pepper. It has to be ordered in advance.

7-      Txirimiri (Madrid)

Address: Humilladero, 6

Why: Txema Larrañaga learned the recipee from his mother. The omelette is the opposite of firm (which some people love), and also roasted on the outside. Oh, and the onion is caramelized. I think this is the only place on this list I’ve been to, and trust me, it’s worth it.

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8-      La Encina (Palencia)

Address: Casañé, 2

Why: Ciri González was voted as the best potato omelette cook in Spain at the second edition of this award for adding potato and onion from the Palencian countryside, Señorío de Vizcantar olive oil and her mother’s care for the recipee. The potato is not boiled, it’s fried.

9-      Juan José (Huelva)

Address: Villa Mundaka, 1

Why: it’s Andalucía’s best. The texture is similar to the omelettes cooked in Galicia: not very thick in the middle, but a bit bigger. It’s served with mayonnaise.

10-   Támara Lorenzo (Madrid)

Address: Paseo de la Habana, 107

Why: Lorenzo García and his omelettes, which are oval thanks to her mother’s old pan. It has to be ordered in advance.

It’s obviously very difficult to make the perfect list, and some amazing places are probably missing, but you probably won’t be disappointed if you go to any of these places. On the other hand, and on a very personal note, I must say nothing beats my Erasmus roommate’s potato omelette. The guy’s a genius!

What do you think?

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