The weirdest building in Bucharest

In many of the “top weird buildings in the world”, you will find the National Architects Union Headquarters.

Take a look and check it out if you find it intriguing.



Its style is very unusual, because it combines old with new architecture. So the result is: a modern glass building sitting nestled into an old one.

The location can be found here:

source: google maps

source: google maps

It was built around 1850 by a politician, whose purpose was to meet with his intellectual friends of that time. After that, in the anti-communist revolution from 1989 (given the location of the building), the house was almost destroyed. For the next 10 years, it was just the symbol of democracy. And then, it was renovated by top Romanian architects. Everyone expected to be renovated in the same style, but the creativity won and… here is one of the weirdest buildings in the world.



All in one, it is a great way to combine old with new.

Feel free to share more historic building with modern makeovers!


  1. I read this a few hours ago and I still don’t kow what I think of that building. Congratulations, if you wanted it to stick to people’s heads, I think you got it! 😀

    • hehe, thank you Juan. Don’t think i’m not intrigued by the awesome village from your latest post.
      Anytime, for a little bit of morning gym I have wrote the article 🙂

      • Right now the picture is from a very “normal” village because I changed it, but if you mean the first one, it’s Ronda and it’s beautiful 🙂

        By the way, I showed your article to a classmate who is an architect and she sent me pics of some weird buildings in Spain, so don’t be surprised if I counter-attack with a similar article in the near future!

        • hehe, can’t wait to read it ! and after i’ll read it, i’ll schedule a trip in the future to also check them out.

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