The world at 60 km per hour…

What happens when you are halfway through life and you realize that you are repeating the same mistakes than your father? That you have wasted a great part of your life in meaningless things and have failed to pursue your dreams? What happens when you look into the mirror and you feel ashamed of what you see? What borders are you willing to cross to redeem yourself?


At the age of 50, Mario Sabah abandoned everything and took a radical turn in his life. He restored a beaten up 1977 Mehari and departed Montevideo with his two sons in a voyage that would take him over 150.000 kilometers, 45 countries and 5 continentes, embarking in an adventure that would change their lives forever.


Lennon once said: “Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plan”. That’s what Mario Sabah was feeling deep inside before he took the life changing decision of leaving everything behind and setting off to travel the world. Like many people around the globe, Mario felt he had lost control of his life. He saw the hours drift away, and the days pass one after the other, like leaves falling off the autumn trees. He was not living his life, in fact it was life that was living him.

Mario Sabah was your typical hard working middle class uruguayan. One day, something inside him clicked and he decided to pursue a long forgotten dream: to travel around the world in his 1977 Citroën Mehari. He convinced his two sons (they were both in their twenties at the time) and without much money nor planification they set off.

During the following four years, they lived an incredible adventure that completely transformed their existence. They travelled around the globe and discovered remote and amazing places. But most importantly, they discovered themselves. The trip they were undertaking was one of self discovery. The most difficult borders they had to cross were not of countries, they were the barriers that exist in any human relationship. They had to break down the walls that existed between them. Can you imagine spending four years in a one square meter space with your father and brother?


A group of young filmmakers took it upon themselves to portray this fascinating story and take it to the big screen. “At 60 km/h” is a wonderful documentary that takes viewers inside this crazy adventure and delves into the conflicts and learnings of its protagonists.

The movie was launched in Montevideo in June 2014 and had great success in Uruguay. It was internationally released in the Amsterdam Documentary Festival (IDFA). Today it is touring the world from festival to festival and spreading the message that dreams are possible and that we can live life however we wish to.


“At 60 km/h” is an adventure, a voyage in itself. But at the same time, its a story of dreams that can come true.

Check out the trailer:

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