The world’s tallest wooden structure: 19th century St. George’s Cathedral

Standing at 143 ft. high, the St. George’s Cathedral is one of the world’s tallest wooden structure. This building was design by Architect Sir Arthur Blomfield of the United kingdom and was open in August 1892.

This magnificent  structure is one of the few monuments selected in Georgetown’s nomination as a World Heritage site.






Having visited this church and experiencing its fascination: the chalices and brass lecturn, the decorative stained glass windows reflects a great number of colours in the sunlight along with its beautifully carved choir seats. They all tell a story. A story so unique that is not limited to Guyana’s history.



This huge and gothic structure is home to a very awe-inspiring and admirable pipe organ.






For the lovers of history and architecture, this gem, so sacred and revered, should be one of the top must see in the Caribbean.

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