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So Steven Adams is the most famous basket ball player New Zealand has ever produced.  He has made it all the way from our little country at the bottom of the world and hit the big time, playing in the NBA for the Oklahoma City Thunders.  We are all pretty proud.  His sister Valerie is just as impressive with a ridiculously long list of shot put achievements and is currently the world champion.  Maybe I’ll tell you more about her in another post.  Anyways, recently Steven Adam stared in an American add for Bancfirst where he speaks “kiwi” and subtitles translate what all this gibberish means to the rest of the world.  Its actually quite entertaining.  So I thought I would give you a quick run down of a few sayings we use down here.

Sweet as –  What we say when something is good, awesome or cool.

Eg.  The surf today is sweet as

-Johnny “Havin’ a BBQ Saturday”

-James “Sweet as bro”

‘As’ can be added to the end of practically any adjective.

Eg.  Its dark as outside.

That car is fast as.

Look at that chick, she is hot as.


Pissed – What you say if you are drunk

eg.  I drank a box of beers, now I’m pissed

Other uses of the word piss include:

Take the piss – making fun of someone, joking around

Pissed off – Angry

Piss up – Get together for some beers.


Munted – When something is broken, wrecked or destroyed

eg.  That crashed car is munted

The earthquake munted Christchurch

Can also be used as ‘munter’ which describes someone who is lacking intelligence.


Wop wops – The middle of nowhere

eg.  I live in the wop wops


Stoked – Very happy, excited, over the moon

eg.  I just won lotto, I’m stoked.


 Eh – added to the end of a sentence to turn it into a question or imply a response is required.

eg. You are gonna come over tonight, eh?

That girl is hot as eh


Chocka – Something is really full, packed to the brim

eg.  The car is chocka


Across the ditch – Referring to our Aussie neighbours

eg. I’m flying across the ditch


Pack a sad – To throw a tantrum, have a cry

eg.  I just ate all the cake and Sam packed a sad.


Waiwai express – A way of saying you have to walk

waiwai is the maori word for legs.

eg.  How are we getting home tonight? I’m gonna catch the wai wai express.


Not even – I disagree

eg. Jimmy- “You took ages to get here.” Curtis – “Not even.”


That is just a small taste of some of the slang that features in the Kiwi vocabulary. For a more extensive list click here.

What do you think?

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