Titti the Maltese Diving Dog

Titti the Jack Russell terrier has been going viral all summer and is probably the most famous dog to ‘jump’ out from the shores of Malta…literally! There are many videos on YouTube spanning back to 2013 of the brave dog diving into a natural pool called St Peter’s Pool near the fishing village of Marsaxlokk, Malta. In fact, the dog’s owner Carmelo Abela has commented on YouTube that he and Titti have been practising their synchronised jumps for five years now. However, the canine champ only went viral earlier this summer when photographer and video enthusiast Mark Cassar shared footage of the pooch on the internet.

Both Titti and Carmelo are now local celebrities and people all over the world are visiting Malta to take a picture with the daring duo and to test their diving and snorkelling skills in the natural pool. The pair have been featured on various media including The Lad Bible, Daily Mail and BBC News.

Check out their story in the above video and don’t miss out on a trip to St Peter’s Pool if you’re in Malta this summer!

Featured Video and Photo Credit: Mark Cassar Photography

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