Tropfest SEA: Cambodian short films

Tropfest is the biggest short film festival in the world, and for this reason, it divides itself into different regions including Southeast Asia.

I am nationalistic, but I’m also honest, and in my very honest opinion, there are very few Cambodian films that I like. I came across the Tropfest website two years ago while surfing the net, and saw a few short films that represent Cambodia and were created by Cambodians. Now this is quite unusual because short films aren’t common, to begin with. Additionally, since copyright law in Cambodia is relaxed, and copies of movies and songs are made just an hour after they’re released, filmmakers don’t have enough motivation and funds to create more.

These short films that were winners and finalists of the Tropfest SEA impressed me greatly, and I hope they’ll impress you too.

Rice (Winner, 2014)

To provide some context, this film gives an image of how life was like during the Pol Pot regime (Kampuchea Democratic), from 1975-1979.

Duetto (Second place, 2014)

If you’re Italian, you might like this one, just like my Italian friend does.

The Ride (Finalist, 2015)

Bubble (Finalist, 2015)

What do you think?

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