Undercover, Bulgaria’s most beloved TV series

Aired in 2011, Undercover became Bulgaria’s most beloved TV series. It was inspired by Martin Scorsese’s The Departed and gives a real picture of underground world in Bulgaria. The mafia-boss Djaro is an ex-policeman prosecuted by his former colleague and friend Popov. After an incessant mouse – cat game Popov developed another plan to nib the gangster – he trained a cop to become part of Djaro’s underworld gang. The young Martin faced the dangerous task of integrating himself in a manipulative society filled with drug abuse, corruption and dirty money. The undercover agent has to prove his loyalty to the mafia without getting caught. The plot contains many real-life events which covered the newspapers such as corruption schemes, drug market redistribution and gangster wars.

From left to right: Zachary Baharov as Ivo, Marian Valev as Rosen Gatzev - Kukata

From left to right: Zachary Baharov as Ivo, Marian Valev as Rosen Gatzev – Kukata

Apart from an action-filled storyline, the series is also rich in wicked characters and witty lines which later echo in fan Facebook pages. One cannot say with certainty who the star in the series is. Zachary Baharov in the role of Ivo, the right hand of the mafia boss, is one of Bulgaria’s most recognisable faces and a beloved actor. Even more attention was drawn to him after he took on the role of Loboda in the fifth season of the world-famous Game of Thrones.

The characters of Rosen Gatzev – Kukata (on the picture above) and Zdravko Kiselov – “Kosuma” have also become widely famous with many a hilarious lines. They are both inveterate criminals who turn out to be good-hearted. Though funny to watch, their stories tell of how  there is no escaping the mafia.

Undercover is one of the best productions in Bulgaria which also enjoyed wide international attention. It has been released in Netflix in 2014 and is distributed in a number of countries. The four seasons give a real taste of gangster life and the incessant battle between bad and good in a world where it is most often hard to tell them apart.

A small teaser with Milena Nikolova singing  Bang Bang in the background of a dramatic moment:


  1. Great, never heard about and I was right looking for something new possibly not USA produced(no offence, watched a lot of, just looking for some “fresh style”).
    Will definitely give it ago!

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