Virtual tour to the World’s Highest Peak, Mount Everest

Since its launch in 2007, Google Street View has captured some of the world’s most far-flung and scenic destinations, including the Amazon forest, Antarctica and Canada’s Arctic tundra and recently Google added Street View maps of Mount Everest (named Sagarmatha सगरमाथा in Nepali). Google teamed up with the Apa Sherpa (who holds the record for  climbing Everest a staggering 21 times) and the Nepalese Non-profit Organization ‘Story Cycle’ to capture all the pictures on a 10 days trek . The result is that now you can visit various parts around Everest and the wider Khumbhu region ( खुम्बु क्षेत्र ) including Khumbu, Lukla, Namche Bazzar, Khumjung, Thame, Phortse and the entire path to Everest.

 Places to tour Virtually in Google Street Views around Everest Region.

Places to tour Virtually in Google Street Views around Everest Region.

The team also captured the life of Sherpas around those parts. They visited and captured ‘street view’ imagery of Local Sherpa Schools, Museums, Hotels, Lodges, Monasteries, Mountains, Rivers and lakes which all can be seen in the Google Maps now.

Just have a look at the Stunning pictures and Videos uploaded by Google Maps in their Youtube Channel.

Visit the Google Blog : Khumbu Street Views

Visit the Apa Sherpa Blog: Apa 

Image Source : Google

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