Walking Trails in Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is small lush island with many nature spots to explore.

The island’s interior is covered in rainforests. So for persons who enjoy hiking there exists lots of opportunities to meander, ascend and descend the numerous trails on the island all the while immersing yourself in the fauna and flora and taking in the crisp air.

Tet Paul Nature Trail

Located in the south-east of the island, in Soufriere, Tet Paul is one of the highly recommended trails. It is located near the Pitons. The trail ascends to give you spectacular views below.


piton view 2

Piton Hiking Trail

There are two pitons; Gros Piton and Petit Piton. Gros in creole or French means big and Petit means small;while Piton means hill in English. Gros Piton is the bigger shorter looking piton and Petit Piton is taller slimmer piton.

The climb to Gros Piton is the less strenuous of the two. Being much steeper,ropes are required to ascend Petit Piton.

the pitons


Barre D’Isle Nature Trail

This trail is located in the island’s interior, in the forest reserve and is one of the less strenuous trails.

barre d'isle nature trial

barre d'is;e final

En Bas Saut Falls Trail

En Bas Saut Falls is rather redundant as ‘En Bas Saut” means “Under the Falls” in English. To get to the falls you must walk through a trail. It’s a hike complemented by a refreshing natural shower.

en bas saut waterfall


Des Cartier Nature Trail

The Des Cartier nature trail is the home to Saint Lucia’s parrot, the Jaquot or Amazona Versicolour.

des cartier trail

amazona versicolout


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