What Macedonians usually eat?

Tasting the culture.

There is a saying : “If you want to feel better,  go south… in Macedonia..”

Located on the Mediterranean region with Turkish influence (6 centuries of occupation), the Macedonian cuisine distinguishes by its unique taste and quality.

A mixture of south-east Mediterranean kitchen, but in Balkan style. Meaning, lots of meat with veggies, served with strong alcohol and cooked with lots of love. Thankfully to the perfect climate and geographic terrain you can find everything organic, fresh and healthy. Depending of the season, but in summary lots of meat, veggies and diary.

Typical breakfast: burek and yoghurt

Common in the cuisines of the former Ottoman Empire, is a family of baked filled pastries made of a thin flaky dough which can be filled with sirenje (white cheese), minced meat or vegetables. It goes great with Balkanian yogurt (less densе than American yogurt and salty).. via

 Snack : ajvar (peppers dip) and white cheese


Deriving from Macedonian old mountain villages, ajvar is one of the most delicious food speciality of the Balkan.. via


The homeland of white cheese.. via

Lunch: salad and cooked vegetables with meet in oven.


Gravce-tavce, the national dish of Macedonia prepared with fresh beans and it can be found in almost all restaurants in the country… via


Musaka is a layered dish of meat and veggies…  via

 Dinner: Barbecue meat  eg. chevapi or fish.


Chevapi, found traditionally in the countries of the Balkan Peninsula.. via


 ..via youtube.

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