What to expect when coming to Skopje


From 2015 and on, the country has overcome several changes. Talking from architectural point of view, an undergoing project “Skopje 2014” is in its ending phase. Meaning many buildings which were ruined by a big earthquake in 1963 were rebuild and the old ones are reconstructed in Baroque style. 

So what can you really expect to see when you come to Skopje?

Children perform in front of a triumphal arch, for the ceremony of Independence in September.. via cnn.com

  • As I mentioned before- Baroque!!
  • Monuments! A lot of them! If you are one of those people who like taking photos of cities monuments prepare to have an extra memory card in your pocket when visiting Skopje!
  • Workers and machinery noise, still working on some central places. 
  • Many trees are missing, but don’t worry we will make it up for it. I hope!

  • Carry a bottle of water with you! There are not many drinkable water fountains around.
  • Protests! From occasionally to very often (like this May). People gather in peaceful riot to show the dissatisfaction and their voice to the politicians. Yes we have an opinion and we like to be heard!!

Participant in the peaceful protests in the capital is carrying an vintage cassette player playing music in the middle of the crowd. Picture by Dragan Tapshanov via dragantapshanov.tumblr.com

via J. Tozija

via J. Tozija

A young woman offers a flower to police officers blocking the street at the Government building in Skopje, Macedonia, on May 6, 2015. Via livenetworknews.com


Moving on….

  • You are going to hear the name Alexander several times or maybe even more than that! The airport “Alexander the Great”, the “Boulevard Alexander the Great“.. the centre monument “Alexander“..the hotel “Alexander Palace“.. my brothers name Alexander and some other friends of mine are  Alexanders…Ok!
  • The very good part now, you can find shops open in some places even after midnight! Fast foods and bakeries all night working!

via flickr.com

  • Alcohol is cheap! Beer for 2€ and cocktail for 4€. The bars are open until midnight and there are underground places that are open till morning hours! 
  • We have active “night-life”, Ok maybe back in the days it was better, but at least we still have it!! You can party every day!
  • We are a “Coffee drinkable county”! We might not have the best in world but we drink as we do!! Everybody is meeting for a coffee during the day!
  • The food is SOO GOOD!! There are so many “KAFANA’S” (traditional restaurants) that are full all day long!.. off course the prices are reasonable and everyone can afford it!
  • We like the saying “After Work Drink”! and “After work Party”!! 
  • It is an “international-crossroad” I say it. Many travellers and foreigners come for visit. Some are passing by and some are just lost here. It is very common to hear from them  that they are so lost that they want to continue living here!
  • Are the locals beautiful ? — Can birds fly ?
  • Are they charming and welcome to foreigners!? — YES!!
  • Are they fashionable ?- Ow Yes! Sometimes even too much!
  • Intense and loud but positive!

via skyscrapercity.com

  • Weddings and celebrations! A lot’s of them! Even from young age we know what we want for life!
  • Romantic and fun! You have to have the ‘ears’ to understand the Balkan mentality and humour. Some bad words are often included in the conversation but that is a apart of the good impressions as well!

  • Do locals speak English? — Even my grandmother knew some words.
  • If you are lost, they will offer their help and guide you!
  • In summer is very HOT!
  • In winter is very COLD!
  • Spring – you will fall in love!
  • Autumn- Is perfect “late summer”!
  • It rains often! We are not like England, but I bet you are that fortunate and it will rain for 1 or 2 days during your stay.

via visitskopjemacedonia.com

  • We drive fast! We have a “rush hour” that lasts for a day! ..And sometimes the traffic is dis-harmonized, but we manage it.
  • Taxi is affordable.
  • We use public transport rarely, unfortunately. 
  • If you are a biker or want to visit the city by bike you are at the wrong place in the wrong time!! It will never work well for you. Sorry! It is not that we don’t bike here, we do a lot!!.. but it is under an extreme sports here. 
  • Are we crazy? A Bit. Would you like us?-  YES you would!
You will make friends that you will remember for a long long time!!

Model Maja Sashek.. via pinterest.com

What do you think?

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