Why seeing the Dominica World Creole Music Festival is a must!

There is one event that anyone does not want to miss. It is the World Creole Music Festival. The last weekend in October every year for the past 18 years Dominica Festival Committee has hosted a 3 night event where local and foreign musicians from around the world come and entertain massive crowd of onlookers. People from various countries book their ticket early in advance just to attend this event. For three nights various bands come on stage and give their utmost best performances.
The music festival is named “creole” to reflect the Afrocentric origins of the various genre that are performed.

Performers at WCMF

Performers at WCMF

Over the years there have been musicians from Africa, Louisiana, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Haiti and Jamaica featuring musicians/bands such as Kassav, Elvis Crespo, Karimi, Jah Cure among many others who have graced the stage.
As well as local Dominica musicians/bands such as Midnight Groovers, Michelle Henderson, WCK, First Serenade, and much more. During intermission local culture groups or upcoming artists perform to keep the atmosphere lively while the other bands are setting up.


Intermission: Giraudel Jing Ping Band performs

The WCMF is held during Dominica’s independence season (the last week in October till November 4th) and affords visitors and locals a wide range of events during that time. National dish, local foods and national wear can be seen in diverse settings during the independence season. The most important aspect of the festival is the unity. Many person come to visit their relatives during that time and meet up with many old friends, while making new ones. Many people can attest to the wonderful vibration of community felt during the independence festivities.

It's self-evident. A night of fun!

It’s self-evident. A night of fun!

The entire event is truly “3 nights of pulsating rhythms.” Make sure it’s in the list of top 10 things you must do in your life time.


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