Yummy Food from the Lebanese Cuisine!


When we speak about Middle Eastern food, we may have an interference regarding the country of origin due to similar and interrelated culture. But the most important thing is that food lovers are always served a set of delicious dishes!

Lets just list below a a couple of those that you must try.. Offered by the “Lebanese Cusine” whether in Lebanon or in any Lebanese specialized restaurant.

Shish Taouk

Chicken breast, cut into small cubes that are mingled with special sauce made of yogurt, garlic and Lebanese spices.. Either grilled or fried!

20140322-130022 chicken-shish-taouk4

Grape Leaf Rolls

Grape leafs here are stuffed with “Basmati” rice and minced meat. Usually served with stuffed potatoes, zucchinis, and eggplants.

yalsarma06 grapeleaves-stuf


The “Sfiha” is a small pie that contains lamb meat, onions, crushed tomato, and pines.. All baked together.

Can be circular, triangular, or even in square shape.. The taste is always the same, AMAZING!

 Lebanese-Lamb-Sfiha-2-870x320_c sfiha-cia_MG_6259


“Manakish” (plural word of “Mankoushi”) is a special bread baked usually in wooden ovens, covered with different ingredients. Usually thyme with Sesames and olives, or with Lebanese delicious cheese. “Manakish’ are oftenly served with vegetables.

Pita-1500x500 columbia-sc-restaurants-mezza


This is the typical Lebanese salad. So easy to prepare: olive oil- lemon juice, parsley, tomatoes, and crushed wheat!

122059_7_1_17TABOULEHSALAD250G_1286483880 tabouleh


Cold yogurt poured on hot meat, with dried pieces of bread, chickpeas, pines, olive oil, and dry mint!

fit_fatteh DSC_0653

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