Yummy Trip: Picking Chinese Guavas

In Mauritius we are surrounded by a luxurious variety of flora and exotic fruits. One of my favourites is the Goyage de Chine (Chinese Guavas).  Originating from China long ago, these guavas come in two beautiful colors:

The strawberry guava (red)…

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The strawberry guava Photo credit:

…and the lemon guava (yellow).

The lemon guava Photo credit:

The lemon guava
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These delicacies can be picked in nature freely around the months of March and April – the beginning of our Mauritian winter. The goyaves de chine are known to grow in the region of La Brasserie, Chamarel and Plaine Champagne (not so far from Black River Gorges National Park).

Ask any Mauritian about it: it’s another special local adventure. Guava picking = Yummy trip. It is part of our culture; we will either add it to our Mauritian picnic program or we’ll simply get into the car with family or  bunch of friends, food and drinks for a day of picking.

It is also an opportunity for us to be in nature and enjoy another aspect of our local life – without forgetting the giggles and jokes.  Guava picking is sure to be a fun day!

Guava picking in nature Photo credit:

Guava picking in nature
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After a day of picking you have buckets or plastic bags full of Chinese guavas. They can be eaten just like that on the spot, shared with family and friends, or can be brought back home to be transformed as jam or salad with salt, vinegar sugar and chilli.

Selling Chinese guavas is also part of local business. If ever you venture into the city in Mauritius and see somebody next to a bicycle with a box full of red and yellow balls, you know it’s goyave de chine season. You can either buy or plan a yummy trip with some locals or by yourself.

Chinese guava seller Photo credit:

Chinese guava seller
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